Keenon Dinnerbot T10

The DINERBOT T10 offers a myriad of cutting-edge features. It boasts an open-design large-capacity tray, incorporates plate detection for meal retrieval, enhances motion control performance, and sports an elevated chassis. This sophisticated design ensures stable liquid delivery and allows effortless navigation through narrow passages, with an impressive minimum clearance of just 59cm.

One of the standout features of the T10 is its advanced sensor fusion technology, which adapts seamlessly to complex lighting conditions and multi-layer distance detection, significantly enhancing accuracy and algorithm design. The upgraded environmental perception and obstacle avoidance system utilize four stereo cameras for 270° 3D detection and two lidar sensors for 360° 2D detection, ensuring delivery safety.

Adding to its appeal, the robot boasts a 23.8-inch large screen for advertisements. This versatile robot supports custom image and video playback, utilizing a cloud-based advertising operating system for seamless and user-friendly message communication.

The exceptional versatility extends to its flexible movable head, which allows for unique facial expressions and a multi-modal design that incorporates voice, touch, and vision capabilities. Customization options are available, including various head accessories to suit individual preferences.