Caring for Future

We are a robotics company specialized in robotics solutions for hospitals and hospitality areas.

Robust Workflow

Our goal is to help streamline operations, improve safety and reduce costs.


Our robots are designed to work autonomously, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while the robots take care of routine tasks.

Advanced Technologies

We use advanced technologies such as computer vision, artificial intelligence and machine learning to create reliable and efficient robots that can be used in a variety of settings.


In hospitals, our robots can help with the transportation of medical supplies, cleaning, patient monitoring and more.


In hospitality areas, our robots can help with tasks such as food delivery, concierge services, and more.


We strive to provide reliable and affordable robotics solutions that can help make operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Meet C-350

Ceterio C-350 with Mediclaudo smart cabinet
C-350 displayed with Mediclaudo smart cabinet

Reseller of Karter AMR

We represent Karter AMR models in Finland. Models are customizable and usable in wide range of industries from hospitals to manufacturing.

Karter Lyft

Transports and lifts pallets up to 1000kg

Karter Kompakt

Optimised for transporting pallets up to 1500kg

Karter Mono

Handles a wide range of loads up to 1500kg

Latest News

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